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Bartlett Saw’s roots run deep in the sawmill industry. Founder, Ken Bartlett, grew up in the sawmill business and became a sawsmith under the tutelage of his father, Earl Bartlett, where he spent years learning how to properly service both band and circle saws. From installation of headrigs and resaws to sawyer and saw filer training and consulting, Kenny has always been there for his customers.

Bartlett Saw was officially formed in 1978, with Ken Bartlett providing on-site sawsmith services. From Michigan to Tennessee, Missouri to Ohio mills across the mid-west have relied upon Bartlett’s Saw to keep them cutting smooth and true.

1993 was a momentous year for Bartlett’s Saw. Eric Bartlett joined the ownership team and the third generation was underway. Eric worked as an apprentice sawsmith honing his skills and gaining knowledge and experience. 1993 also saw the addition of the sale and delivery of mill supplies to Bartlett’s expanding list of services. Circular saws, saw bits, shanks, files, wide band saws blades, edger and trimmer blades and more are kept in stock or made to order. These products are delivered within a 150 mile radius or shipped directly to the customer.

Backed by a lifetime of experience and driven by Bartlett’s Saw objective of always looking for ways to improve sawmill performance, the Eurobit carbide bit was created. After several years of testing and real-mill feedback, the Euro-Bit was unveiled. With its patented design the Euro-Bit has proven to be the sawmill industries best carbide inserted tooth design. It was the first in what was to become an ever growing list of manufactured items. The EconoBit was designed to be an affordable alternative to other much more expensive bits that just didn’t perform as well. The success of the EconoBit and EuroBit paved the way for the Bartlett line of long lasting saw shanks in all popular sizes and styles.

As if that weren’t enough, in 2013 Bartlett’s Saw began manufacturing a complete line of wide bands in all widths, both single and double cut designs. Using only the finest Swedish steel blanks and the latest technology, Bartlett band saw sales are growing rapidly. To give their customers more options, Bartlett offers both new bands as well as complete band services of benching, swaging and sharpening. Bands are rotated in groups to insure you’re ready to run, by having bands on hand without the expense of hiring a sawsmith or building a sawfiling room.

The fourth generation are now sweeping floors and helping pack boxes for shipment, learning literally from the ground up, like all good sawmillers and sawfilers have.